Oncology & Inflammation
Signaling in the immune system

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Oncology remains the most prevalent research area worldwide, expanding to englobe immune tolerance, innate immunity, metabolic regulation, and more.

To accompany these fast-paced changes and meet the ever-growing need for more relevant functional assays, our team of experts works diligently to provide you with the most complete assay portfolio for studying all aspects of immune cell signaling, accompanied by application and technical support to ensure your success.

Like you, we are committed to furthering oncology research by providing reagents and supporting projects that deliver beyond expectations.

Relevant models

The landscape of research models in oncology is vast and reaches further than classic cell lines. For Cisbio, validating new assays means being sure they will work in the most relevant situations. One way we achieve this is by validating our kits on Jurkat / THP1 cells, human PBMCs, isolated T cells, and even blood samples.

Immuno oncology relevant models

Knowledge: more than just assays

Even the best kit is nothing without the appropriate support material so our aim is to provide you with tools, tips and information that will help you integrate our kits into your research projects easily.

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Support for cutting edge research

Our commitment to oncology research extends beyond the products we provide. Cisbio collaborates with research groups to understand today the needs of tomorrow, while supporting conferences and webinars that further oncology understanding.

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