Exclusive drug discovery and development workshop in Hamburg

Customer event

Benefit from a cutting-edge seminar and hands-on sessions to better manage your drug development projects

Cisbio is organizing a 2 day workshop to help you master your drug discovery and development projects. Choose 1 of our 4 helpful hands-on sessions. We have invited top-notch speakers to give you an effective overview of expert industrial experience


Hands-On Sessions

  • Compound profiling at adenosine receptors using TagLite binding assays
  • Tracking activation by cellular secondary messenger accumulation using HTRF
  • Kinase activity assays: biochemical assay development from scratch
  • Biomarker detection in CNS: cell-based assays and high-content screening

    Topics For Discussion

  • Dr Sheraz Gul and Oliver Keminer | Fraunhofer Institute | Assay flexibility in drug discovery
  • Dr Nick Holliday and Dr. Karolina Gherbi | Excellerate Bioscience Kinetic Binding Services
  • Dr. Sandra Gültner | Cisbio | HTRF advantages for drug discovery projects



    Just 89€


    Thursday 17th and Friday 18th October 2019


    Fraunhofer Hamburg,
    Schnackenburgallee 114,
    22525 Hamburg,